Rick – so good I ran

Ah, Rick. 

We only met up once but I will never forget it. First time I ever had mind blowing sex; it was what the women in movies seemed to get. We met online, never planning to become flirty. We were just two bored people wanting to chat about our day. We only exchanged one selfie with each other (which for me is bizarre, I love to sext). Rick was 31, I was 20 at the time. He had recently divorced his wife and I had recently broken up with my boyfriend so we connected well. (Side note: first man more than a few years older that I was with.) 

Eventually we discussed meeting up because we were lonely. It only turned sexual a day or two before we were due to meet. The day of I ask Rick how big his cock is out of curiosity. “8-8.5″ maybe. It’s been awhile since I’ve measured.” He played it off like it was nothing. I’m pretty sure my jaw hit the ground. The previous couple partners I had before were nowhere near that size. I was so turned on the rest of that work day, waiting to get out to head to Rick. 

It was a 45 minute drive, so I got more and more nervous as I drove. When I arrived he was very polite, taller than I had imagined, and had a slight southern accent. All three drove me crazy. I had brought some weed so we decided to smoke and talk to get a little more comfortable with each other. At the point I was smoking pretty much every day so I didn’t expect to get as high as I did. We both started telling jokes and giggling together which turned into passionate kissing in between laughs. From that point forward the night felt magical. Complete sexual bliss. 

Making out turned into us both in just underwear. He laid me on my back and started kissing from my neck down to my chest. Sucking and nibbling all the right spots. He kissed his way down my stomach, continuing until he was at my thighs. He pulled my panties to the side and started licking and sucking my clit, taking a break to tell me how “fucking good” I tasted. We switched positions and I pulled down his boxers to see for myself how big it was. If anything he was underestimating. It was long and thick and looked yummy. It was intimidating but I was more than up to the challenge. I did my best to fit him in my mouth, could only get a couple inches. Instead I teased the shaft and head of his cock with my tongue and lips. 

He rolled me onto my back again, this time pulling my panties off. He slid a finger in my wet pussy. Telling me how hot it got him that he made me so wet. He worked his way up to 2 fingers (which at the time was a little tough. I have always been very tight. 3 fingers now is pushing it still!). He kept making me cum hard, occasionally pausing to lick up my juices. He was able to do 3 fingers to get me ready for his cock. I was so excited. When his spread my pussy and slid his cock in it was like fireworks in my head. It took us both only a minute or two to cum from how fucking good we fit together. He pulled out and came all over my stomach. Within another minute he was already game for round two. This was new to me, but I was very grateful. We fucked again, longer this time. We spooned while he held one of my legs up and fucked me. He fucked me doggy while pulling my hips to slam my ass on him. So many positions and most of the night was an orgasmic blur. He came a couple more times and recuperated in what had to be record speed. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I had cum, eventually it felt never ending. 

We eventually wore ourselves out and got dressed and hung out some more. Things were a bit awkward since the sexual connection we had was amazing and we did not plan on it. I left an hour or so later and thought about it on my whole drive home. That was the best sex I had had up to that point (still in top 3). I almost began to fear that the sex was so good I would get feelings and was not ready for something like that. In the following days Rick tried to contact me and schedule another hang out. I never returned his texts. I don’t regret it, but often wonder what other kind of fun I could have had with him. A few years later and I still masturbate to the memories every now and then. 

And I will always have Rick to thank for knowing the fucking amazing pleasure of a big cock. He was the first but certainly not the last. 


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