EJ – the married one

EJ* is a married man I met on a fetish website. He was a sweetheart in a sea of perverts. I was never sure if I would meet someone off of the site, until I started speaking to him. He was polite, sexy, and god his cock was gorgeous. But there were two issues. EJ was 39. And married. 

The marriage part was less of a deal breaker; I had been the other woman (unknowingly) and it wasn’t that horrible. He was the cheater, not me. But his age was something I had to ponder. 17 years my senior. I technically could be his daughter. Before my mind was able to decide, my desires did. I became daddy’s little girl. Spending every day 9-5 messaging EJ talking about the things we wanted to do together. Sending risqué photos. We had been dying to meet but it never seemed right since he was a stay at home dad and the kids never slept or his wife was home. One day we found a spare few minutes and I sped over on the 3 mile drive to his house. It was nerve wracking and awkward. He waved hello to the neighbors when he answered the door. I jokingly told him to just say I was his niece. It made his cock hard. We spent the next 10 minutes kissing and touching. Passionately groping each other to get in all we had wanted for the 2 weeks prior. EJ kissed from my lips down my neck, and onto my chest. Licking and sucking my nipples. I caressed his cock through his jeans. It was throbbing and bigger than I had assumed from photos. It was not enough time but we said our goodbyes and I left with my panties soaking. 

Fast forward a few more weeks later, still chatting day to day, but not being able to find the right time to get together again. We kept trying to make a plan but it never worked out. Then today happened. Out of nowhere I received a message from EJ that said “come over.” I was shocked at the suddenness and messaged him back to make sure he really wanted me too. He did. He told me he’d be waiting on the couch in just his boxer briefs and to just come on in. All I was wearing is a dress, no panties. I jumped in the car and once again raced to daddy’s house. I walked in and found him just as promised. He is thin but fit, erect cock practically popping out of his boxer briefs. I immediately started kissing him and putting my hands all over his body. He lifted my dress to see and feel what he had been missing. I told him to finally feel and taste what he had been missing. He obliged and tasted my pussy off of his fingers. The amount of passion coursing through my body was amazing. We only had a few minutes so I wanted to make it count. EJ jokingly mentions I could make him cum in like two minutes. I smiled. Got down on my knees and pulled down his boxers. I began to lick his cock before taking it all the way in my mouth, never once going slow like I usually do. “Make daddy fucking cum, sweetie.” Yes, daddy. It didn’t even take the two minutes. EJ wrapped his hands in my hair and moaned while he came into my mouth, cumming more than I’ve experienced with other partners before. To make someone cum so quick was flattering. To please someone so intensely was a gift in and of itself. A few more kisses and we said our goodbyes. I told him to think about that when we aren’t able to get together. Now I am home, pussy dripping, and my mind on daddy. 

To be continued. EJ part two can only get better. 

*name changed


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