Rick – so good I ran

Ah, Rick.  We only met up once but I will never forget it. First time I ever had mind blowing sex; it was what the women in movies seemed to get. We met online, never planning to become flirty. We were just two bored people wanting to chat about our day. We only exchanged one […]

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EJ – the married one

EJ* is a married man I met on a fetish website. He was a sweetheart in a sea of perverts. I was never sure if I would meet someone off of the site, until I started speaking to him. He was polite, sexy, and god his cock was gorgeous. But there were two issues. EJ […]

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Roman – the first

Dreams are not always what they seem. He was a fantasy drenched in sweat. I was an insecure flower in a field of tall weeds. I was in my second month of culinary school. Newly 18, still a virgin. I had known I needed love and pleasure, that it was what I was born to […]

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welcome to my personal…

hell. or is it heaven? This blog is an unapologetic retelling of my life. The adventures I’ve been on, the mistakes I’ve made, and the fulfillment I have found on the search for pleasure. All stories and musings are as truthful as I can recall, however the mind does tend to embellish certain details. These […]

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